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Rice Droid Official Redmi 3S/3X/4/4A/4X/5A/Note 5A(Mi8937)

My.resume-harian.xyz - Hai Redmi User selamat datang di Web Teknologi dan resume kajian islam, postingan kali ini admin mau share Custom Rom yang lagi rame diacari dan udah banyak yang port untuk berbagai device salah satunya redmi series juga ikut kebagian dan alhamdulillah nya sudah official jadi insya aman dan lebih mudah fix bug yang ada.

RiceDroid v5.0 Mi8937

Custom Rom Redmi Series :

Berikut spesifikasi rom atau changelognya.

- RiceDroid Version: 5.0
- Maintainer: @EvilAnsh
- Build Date: 23.08.2022

Source : 
RiceDroid Update Changelogs
Rice Code: 5.0
Rice Version: Halo Halo - a Filipino dessert made with mixed fruit, boiled sweetened white beans, milk, and shaved ice, typically topped with purple yam, crème caramel, and ice cream.

[] = Credits and thanks to
UR = User's Requests
MR = Maintainer's Request 
CP = Cherry-pick changes under ricedroid additions
MD = Co-authored/partly modified/minor code changes
AOSP = Cherry-pick changes from AOSP gerrit/master branch

===== Start of Changelog for version 5.0 =====

==== riceDroid Additions ===== changes we did or modified
* [AOSP][CP][MD] runtime improvements and August ASB patches from master branch [neobuddy89|crdroid team|lineageos]
* Adapted and cherry-picked changes/fixes from android 13
- Android 13 music player and lockscreen notification style
- Animations fixes and improvements
- Bubbles and notification improvements 
- Direct share/sharesheet improvements
- Fix IME/keyboard overlapping with edittext elements
- Fixed wifi/internet dialog systemui crash/not responding
- Fixed network related issues
- QS panel, splitshade, LS improvements
- Reduced cpu usage from main/ui thread
- Rendering improvements
- Resolved misc memory leaks, runtime breakage etc.  
- Resolved splash animations randomly being cutted off
- Resolved recent apps/overview losing input focus 
- Vibrant monet color scheme based from android 13 monet styles
* Added back Lockscreen Blur Media Filters [eldainosor]
 - [MD]: Make blur radius configurable
* Adapted CAF/CLO revisions to AOSP
  - CAF/CLO tag patches taken from CAF/CLO based roms [AOSPA]
  - CAF/CLO optimization ports (needs to be tuned/enabled via device tree)
* Dialer Improvements:
- Improved Design based on google's M3 design
- [CP]: Crowdin updates [gwolf2u]
* Fixed some issues with Omnijaws (random crashing, permission error)
* Fixed statusbar, keyguard and QSB views paddings
* Fixed systemui restart issues (combined signal etc, removed systemui restart prompt, just use the power menu one)
* Improved Dashboard Styles
- automatically detects if build variant (vanilla/pixel)
- Added AOSP style
- Fixed Arcane Style usercard avatar
* Improved Lockscreen notifcation and smartspace paddings
* [MD] Resizeable QS Date, QS and Statusbar clock [StarkDroid|Corvus-AOSP]
* [MD] Statusbar Clock background chip [StarkDroid|Corvus-AOSP]
* [MD] Statusbar paddings customizations [IDontCare-05|CrisbalGreece]
* QS Weather view position customization
* Redesigned battery and storage progress bars to OOS/RUI design pattern
* Redesigned About phone layout banner [IacobIonut01|DotOS]
* Reverted back to vivid monet shades (sorry black theme users)
* SushiLauncher: Spicy Tuna
  - [CP]Add Weather view from OmniJaws [StarkDroid|Corvus AOSP]
  - [CP] preference for wallpaper scrolling [neobuddy89|crdroid]
  - [CP] restore blur on configuration changes [ritujb]
  - Fine tuned material color shades
  - Fixed google search bar color on light mode
  - Fixed recents apps resources tint
  - Keyguard/lockscreen Android 13 zoom animation toggle
  - Increased max allowed blur radius
  - Introducing extended google smartspace layout [teamfiles - for the pixel launcher mod concept]
  - Redesign QuickSearchBar [teamfiles - for the pixel launcher mod concept]
* Switched to glassy blur effect for background views, recents etc 
* Switched to OOS 12/13 ui sound effects
* System Shapes: Improved theming support
* Toggle-able Translucent QS style [Project Fluid|elluzion|Androbuddy]
* Translation support improvements 
 - Updated turkish translations [Lafactorial]
 - Updated chinese translations [xingxingchuan|Fldicoahkiin]
 - Updated spanish translations (09/02/22) [jesusvpct]
 - made more strings translatable ~ if you want it to be merged to the source please send a message to the group with #translation with url of your repo, we will cherrypick it and add it to source for you with authorship intact (our crowdin is limited).
 * Volume panel media output controller toggle
 * Volume panel style improvements

==== Cherry-picked features Additions ==== purely cherry-picked changes we didnt modified
* crDroid August Upstream changes [neobuddy89|gwolf2u|iusmac|shevt|xNombre]
- Crowdin Translations
- Fixed navigation bar theming
- Fixed handwave & proximity pulse conflict
- Fixed qs customizer corner radius
- Rounded corner improvements
* Fixed power menu systemUI restart showing dialog when restarting [ezio84]
* Fixed status bar burn-in protection shifting base padding when orientation changed [EcrosoftXiao]
* Fixed user profile photo picker crash [tmjosten|Evolution X]
* Improved vertical QS tile layout and animation [tmjosten|Evolution X]
* Improved Statusbar clock background paddings - [StarkDroid|Corvus-AOSP]
- Updated android runtime improvements and fixes as of 08/29/22
* LineageOS August Upstream changes [luk1337|althafvly|bgcngm|sevenrock|chirayudesai|stricted|mikeNg|haggertk|BadDaemon]
- August ASB patches
- Lineage dependencies upstream (HALS, blobs, sepolicy more)
_ Lineage translations updates
_ Lineage frameworks patches and improvements
* Omnijaws Improvements [StarkDroid|Corvus AOSP]
* Redesign and animate battery and storage usage bars [StarkDroid|Corvus AOSP] 
* Show August security patch on settings [jhenrique09|PixelExperience] 
* Show ripple on face unlock [xyzuan|xdroid OSS]
* Switch notification background to monet on heads up [DillerOFire|Project Fluid]
* Toast icon toggle and improvements [LordClockan|SagarMakhar|BoredOutOfMyGit|jhenrique09|idoybh]
* QuickSettings Weather view - [StarkDroid|Corvus-AOSP]
* Volume panel improvements [Arian16ka]
- Show media output controller if there is an active stream
- Move the MediaOutputDialog above status bar 
* Weather provider from OmniRom - [maxwen]

Big thanks to pimpmaneaton for these fork changes merged on main branch:
* Big dotted/circle battery indicator [DennySPB]
* ColorController: Fix getting default color [varund7726]
* Lockscreen charging improvements [calebcabob|SagarMakhar]
* QuickSettings vibrate/haptic feedback [mydongistiny|amartinz]
* Screenshot shutter sound toggle [maxwen]

===== End of Changelog for version 5.0 =====

PS: if we missed some credits please let us know! Have a nice day.

Device :
Highlights & Device Specific Changes:
Build type: Monthly
Device: Redmi 3S/3X/4/4A/4X/5A/Note 5A (Mi8937)
Device maintainer: Ansh Singh (EvilAnsh)
Required firmware: Supports M/N/O Firmwares

===== 2022.08.23 =====
• Initial Official Build
• Synced Latest riceDroid v5.0 changes
• Added key mapping for headset buttons
• Kernel: 4.9.325-Mi8937 (No Polly/LTO)
• Vendor blobs: R
• Misc. Fixes and Improvements

Notes :
- User build
- Safetynet passes by default
- Vanilla and pixel builds 
- Necessary Recovery: Unduh TWRP 3.6.2
- Only Follow this Flashing Guide
- Only Vanilla Builds will support OTA updates

Cara Install Rom :
Instruksi untuk Install ROM yang lebih baru dengan Retrofit Dynamic Partitions: (Harap Abaikan kesalahan pemulihan pada instalasi pertama, karena setiap partisi sistem kosong saat ini)
. (Jika Anda melanjutkan menggunakan pemulihan lama yang tidak didukung, Anda pasti akan mendapatkan kesalahan)
. Instalasi pertama ROM Retrofit Dynamic Partitions: 1. Install Recovery dengan dukungan Retrofit Dynamic Partitions Unduh 2. Masuk ke recovery yang baru di-flash 3. Konverter Partisi Dinamis Retrofit Flash Unduh 4. Hapus partisi metadata 5. Flash ROM 6. Reset Pabrik (Disarankan format data) jika Anda berasal dari ROM yang berbeda 7. Nyalakan Ulang dan Nikmati Perbarui ROM dari Partisi Standar ke Retrofit Dynamic Partitions: Ikuti ️ tanpa langkah Factory Reset Perbarui ROM dari Retrofit Dynamic Partitions ke Retrofit Dynamic Partitions: 1. Masuk ke Recovery 2. Flash pembaruan 3. Nyalakan Ulang dan Nikmati . Beralih ke ROM Retrofit Dynamic Partitions lain: 1. Masuk ke pemulihan 2. Flash ROM 3. Reset Pabrik (Disarankan format data) 4. Nyalakan Ulang dan Nikmati . Kembali ke ROM partisi standar: 1. Masuk ke Recovery 2. Hapus centang "Pengaturan > Unmount System before installing a ZIP 3. Lakukan "Lanjutan > Unmap Super Devices 5. Reset (Disarankan format data) 6. Nyalakan Ulang dan Nikmati

Download Custom Rom :
1. Vanilla : Unduh  
> File rom ini tanpa gapps masih pure (bebas mau pilih Gapps)
2. Pixel : Unduh
> File rom ini sudah include Gapps 

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