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DerpFest 12L OFFICIAL Android 12.1 Devices Redmi Note 5 Pro (whyred)

DerpFest 12L OFFICIAL Android 12.1 Devices Redmi Note 5 Pro (whyred)

Hello para whyred Lovers Ada update Rom ni buat HH Whyred Xiaomi Resmi 5A, Buat fitur ini Rom jgn ditanyak lagi ajib bener saya sendiri sudah icip dan jadi Rom favorit, jadi gak usah banyak bacot langsung gas filenya dibawah... Langsung sedot aja.

Changelog and Notes

May 2022 - August 17, 2022
- Merge August Security patch (android-12.1.0_r22)
- Add initial Arabic translations
- Add NothingDot/Sans-serif font overlay package
- Add option to apply vivid colors for black theme
- Add Secondary color for lockscreen clock toggle 
- Add Settings to location indicator excludelist
- Allow user configurable fingerprint wake-and-unlock
- Back to GSans on lockscreen
- Better partial screenshot UI from Lineage
- Bluetooth: Add support for showing battery level for AirPods series
- Bluetooth: Redesign bluetooth transfer dialog layout
- Change the flashing and verified text in TWRP
- DerpLauncher: Add alternative package names to some themed icons
- DerpLauncher: Add light/dark mode support for taskbar background
- DerpLauncher: Add more double-tap actions
- DerpLauncher: Add pref to disable wallpaper scrolling
- DerpLauncher: Add pref to set app drawer row height
- DerpLauncher: Add toggle for memory info view
- DerpLauncher: default_workspace: Don't add AOSP Clock widget by default
- DerpLauncher: Fix NPE on getRecentTasks
- DerpLauncher: Link hotseat bg corner radius to dialogCornerRadius attribute
- DerpLauncher: Map Oneplus Camera to Camera icon
- DerpLauncher: Revise app-drawer's header layout
- DerpLauncher: Set hotseat icons to 4 for 4_by_5 grid
- DerpLauncher: Switch to Pixel themed icons from Arrow
- DerpSpace: Update Italian translations
- Disable Pixel spoof for recorder app
- Fix AppLock resetting after app updates
- Fix disable ripple effect on lockscreen
- Fix invisible media output picker when blur is enabled
- Fix Italian AOSP translations for unlocking the phone
- Fix partial screenshot action
- Fix QS mobile icon disappearing on theme switch
- Fix screen not turning off on some devices 
- Fix some edge cases with ElectronBeam screen-off animation
- Fix suspicious spaces around QS mobile icons
- Fix user profile photo picker crash
- Force fullscreen for Google Dialer
- Grant INTERACT_ACROSS_USERS_FULL permission for smartspace
- Hotseat background: Corner radius only at the top
- IllustrationPreference: Hide illustration when we fail to play anim
- Improve Custom Fonts on Lockscreen clock
- Improve Music QS Tile state and remove track title toggle 
- Inter: Overlay light and regular font family
- KernelCpuUidActiveTimeReader: Do not spam log with negative active time
- Make Google Markup the default screenshot editor
- Make per-app work with multi audio focus
- Make sure to always trigger fullscreen type screenshot for three-fingers-swipe gesture
- Make sure we are getting proper value for skip confirmation in biometric auth dialog switch
- Move option to control wallpaper zoom to DerpLauncher
- PixelPropsUtils: Use Pixel 5a model to GMS for all devicess
- Refactor how we display the VoLTE/VoWiFi icons and add more icons
- Remove Custom lockscreen clocks and bring Smartspace inline with PE
- Remove Pixel Navbar animation toggle 
- Restore old Statusbar brightness control behavior
- reTicker: Allow to only show in Landscape mode
- Rework media artwork notification style & customizations
- Set lockscreen clock font dynamically again
- Settings: Add preference for resetting auto brightness adjustment
- Settings: Battery: Add some missing summaries
- Settings: Battery: Show unavailable instead of 0.0℃ for battery temp
- Settings: DevicePicker: Adapt to S style
- Settings: Update wallpaper dashboard summary to be inline with Pixels
- Show the ripple on face auth if skip lockscreen enabled
- Switch notification background to monet on heads up
- SystemUIDerpFest: Import Turbo based battery estimates
- Update caffeine tile icon from AOSPA
- Update German translations
- Update GrapheneOS Camera
- Update Italian translations
- Update QCOM HALs to latest CAF tag
- Update various APNs
- Upstream changes to media artwork notification customizations from Flamingo OS
- VolumeDialog: Improve background tint for inactive rows

Changelog: August 22, 2022

Hotfix Changelog
Fixed apps stayed on app drawer or home screen after uninstalled
ROM Notes
No signal? it's combined icon. To separate it disable the combined on Derpspace>Miscellaneous
Combined signal icons causing internet tiles (unified wifi+mobile data) not showing properly while using mobile data. This is not rom specific, but because A12L behavior.
Known issues
Any other bug? Read This

Installation Notes
Phone getting hot on day 1? Read this
Dirty flash from 17 August build is fine
Recommended to format /data partition to f2fs to improve overall performance.
Recommended recovery is latest Orangefox, but any recovery is fine as long as it updated for A12
Clean flash if comes from previous Android version.
If comes from encrypted state, you need to format first.
FBE but not forced encrypted
Encryption is not actually broken, but the recovery does. So you can't access your internal data while on custom recovery until it got fixed while on encrypted state. No, it still unencrypted by default for now aka disabled force encryption. Wanna force encryption? use #forceencrypt notes on support group.
ROM comes with AIDL qti vibrator (LED based vibrator), so you'll need to use kernel with qti haptics driver or you'll not get any vibration. Ask the kernel developers if their kernel is support qti haptics driver if you want to use this rom with vibration.
The usb otg didn't working? Plug it to the phone and restart your phone.


Screenshot :

Cara Instal Rom :

  1. Download file Rom : Klik Disini
  2. Masuk/Boot ke TWRP 
  3. Wipe data, system, internal 
  4. Install file zip Rom, Done.
  5. Install Recovery, (TWRP, OrangeFox) Done.
  6. Restart Recovery,(Optional : Install Magisk,Karnel dll)
  7. format data lalu reboot System, Tunngu Booting paling lama 3-5 menit

Rekomendasi Module Magisk yang Admin Pakai :

1. Module Unlock 120Fps Ultra HD Game

By @Yuu_ak12

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